Quarter to Semester

CSUSB is moving to semesters in FALL 2020

In his Fall 2014 convocation address, President Tomás Morales identified the conversion of CSUSB from a quarter to a semester academic calendar as a critical step for the University. The  semester conversion will align our academic calendar with 21 other CSU campuses, California Community Colleges, and more than 90% of college and universities nationwide. In the 1980s, approximately 25% of U.S. colleges and universities followed a quarter calendar. Today, less than 10% use quarter terms. Despite a majority of University of California campuses observing the quarter system, the national trend is moving from quarters to semesters.

CSUSB’s quarter to semester conversion (Q2S) will allow CSUSB students to become more competitive for summer internship opportunities since many internships have start dates in late May or early June. Additionally, graduating students will be able to hit the job market with a degree in hand in May rather than late June or early July.

Semester conversion also brings a wealth of educational benefits. As President Morales and Provost McMahan state, 'the expanded timeframe will provide additional study time and increased interaction with faculty while allowing for more in-depth projects, quality research and expanded internship opportunities. Faculty will also have more classroom time to engage students in active discussion and research and to provide more substantive feedback to students on their work. Such additional support and greater opportunities for mentoring are sure to contribute positively to student.'

As CSUSB makes the conversion from quarters to semesters, the University commits to a partnership with graduate students that promotes a successful transition. Read CSUSB’s pledge to graduate students here. The pledge also emphasizes graduate students’ responsibility to learn and understand the Q2S procedures and requirements, such as participation in advising and fulfilling degree requirements.

The Office of Graduate Studies is here to help you as you make the Q2S transition. We can let you know how to meet advisors and how to navigate the Q2S curriculum changes in  your graduate program. When you have Q2S questions, please contact Diego Feliciano in the Office of Graduate Studies at 006710217@coyote.csusb.edu. He is here to assist you.