At CSUSB, post-baccalaureate programs include doctorate, master’s, credentials, certificates, and second bachelor’s degrees.

Apply online at Cal State Apply  

  • Complete the application
  • Upload unofficial transcripts and required documents in "Program Materials" section in Cal State Apply
  • Pay the fee and submit the applcation

Please note that individual programs and departments may require a separate application or additional materials. Please contact the program for more information on its admission process. Admission requirements are published in the university bulletin.

You will receive an email from the university containing your student email and ID number. Please activate your email as soon as you receive your letter; notification of missing transcripts, residency information, or other materials needed to complete your application will be sent to you via your student email. Once we receive your application, fee, and transcripts, we will evaluate your GPA. Your application will then be sent to the program office for an admission/denial decision. We will notify you via your student email account as soon as we receive a decision from the program.

The CSUSB campus policy for admission to a post-baccalaureate program is a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. If the cumulative GPA is below 2.50, the graduate admissions evaluators will also calculate the GPA of the last 90 units attempted. Title V regulations state that the absolute minimum GPA for admission is 2.50; therefore, if both the cumulative GPA and the last 90 GPA are below 2.50, admission will be denied. Applications that meet the minimum GPA requirements are sent to the program for an admission decision. Please keep in mind that each program may have additional admission requirements.

To expedite your consideration to our graduate program, starting Spring 2019 application cycle, you must upload unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate institutions attended where a degree was earned. If you transferred coursework that counted toward an earned degree, we must receive unofficial transcripts that include grades for that transfer coursework. Applicants, additionally, must submit all unofficial transcripts relating to any post-baccalaureate level coursework undertaken, regardless of whether or not a degree was earned, and the unofficial transcript from the last institution that you attended in which you were enrolled in a degree program. 
Submit your unofficial transcripts to the DOCUMENTS section in Cal State Apply (photographs of transcripts are not acceptable). Failure to upload your unofficial transcripts before completing this application may result in missed program deadlines or your admission and registration being delayed.    
If you are officially admitted to our university, you will be required to submit all of your official transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies in order to secure your enrollment for the following term. You must, when requested, submit official transcripts for all previous academic work attempted after high school.

You do not need to enter your individual college coursework under Academic History and may skip over that section.

Please e-mail with the attachments clearly labeled, and we will upload them for you.

If you are a CSUSB graduate or current student, please list CSUSB as a school you have attended so that we are aware of your affiliation with CSUSB, but you do not need to upload your CSUSB transcript as we already have access to it.

It depends on the program to which you are applying , but generally you should expect to hear about University eligibility within two weeks. You should stay in contact with the graduate coordinator of the program to which you are applying to inquire about the status of the program's review of your application.

You will register through your myCoyote Student Center. Check your Student Center for your registration enrollment Dates. If you are experiencing difficulties registering for your classes, please call the Office of the Registrar at 909-537-5200.

Your Graduate Coordinator will serve as your academic advisor. Please see our Graduate Coordinator contact list.

All post-baccalaureate students must file for a Leave of Absence if they will not be attending an academic term (Fall, Winter, or Spring). The summer term is not counted as having missed a quarter if you do not register for courses. Leave of Absence forms are available on our website or in our office (Chaparral Hall room 123).

Application fee waivers will not be offered; the only exceptions are the Over 60 Program and military veterans.  For information on the Over 60 Program, contact the Office of the Registrar at 909-537-3513. If you are a military veteran, you may also be eligible for a fee waiver code. Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 909-537-5058 or the Office of The Registrar at (909) 537-5213.

 Once your thesis, project, or dissertation is complete, you will submit it to our office for final clearance and publication on Scholarworks. The submission process, deadlines, and formatting requirements are available on our website.

The Office of Graduate Studies will open commencement registration for students only after eligibility is confirmed by the program coordinator. To make this process as seamless as possible, the Office of Graduate Studies will email lists of potentially eligible graduate students to program coordinators. Once confirmed, the student will be allowed to register. Please be aware that this process takes time and your commencement registration will be opened as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.

Please file a Grad Check to begin this process. Once your Graduate Coordinator has determined that you are eligible, you can register for commencement.

Need more help? Please call our office at (909) 537-5058 or email us at