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The Review Process

All graduate theses, projects and dissertations must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for format review; content is determined by the faculty committee chair. Theses, projects and dissertations are published on CSUSB ScholarWorks, the university's electronic repository. Publishing on ScholarWorks has several advantages; as a student, your scholarly achievements can be accessed by a broader audience, and you no longer need to print multiple copies to deliver to the Graduate Studies office for review, a time consuming and costly process.

In order to make the most of this growing resource, we have revised our manuscript submission process as described below. Please note that we no longer have a defense deadline; you must defend before you submit your manuscript. Please see the Deadlines page for a list of deadlines for the academic year. Formatting guidelines are found on the Formatting page.

Overview of Review Process

Weeks 1-6: Consultations

Week 7: Submission Deadline

Week 10: Publication Deadline

Consultations, Weeks 1-6

You are welcome to make an appointment with a thesis reviewer to ask questions about formatting and citations. Meeting with a reviewer before you submit your manuscript saves you time and makes the process go smoother, since formatting errors can be identified and explained more quickly in one-on-one sessions. We have found that students who meet for consultations usually get through the review process much faster. (Questions about content should be directed to your committee chair.)

Please call (909) 537-5058 to schedule an appointment and print out the pages you would like checked for errors. Keep in mind that consultations do not constitute a full review of the manuscript and reviewers may not be able to catch all errors. You may make up to two appointments; additional appointments will be scheduled if time permits. Appointments will be limited to 20-minute sessions. There will be no appointments after the 6th week of the quarter.

Manuscript Submission Deadline, Week 7

Your first submission includes three steps:

  1. Pay the $30 Digital Archive and Review Fee online through MyCoyote or at the Bursar's Office. You will receive two receipts.
  2. Turn in your signed 

    Committee Certification Form

     at Graduate Studies (CE 356) with one receipt attached.

  3. Submit an electronic copy of your manuscript on CSUSB ScholarWorks. Please note that manuscripts must be submitted as a single file. (See the Library Guide for instructions on how to submit to ScholarWorks.)


Manuscripts will not be reviewed until all three steps are completed. These steps apply to first submissions only.

Graduate Studies accepts new manuscripts for review on the first day of the quarter through the submission deadline, which is the last day of the 7th week of the quarter. Deadlines are at 5:00 pm on the deadline date. We encourage you to submit early; during spring quarter our office goes through about 300 reviews and the turn-around time is about five business days.

Your manuscript will be checked for plagiarism via and reviewed for formatting. If there are no corrections, the manuscript will immediately be published on ScholarWorks; therefore, it is important that manuscripts be complete before they are submitted. Once published, they cannot be removed. If you are required to defend your thesis, please complete your defense and make any required content changes before submitting it to Graduate Studies.

If formatting corrections are required, you will receive an email and memo listing the corrections. (Most students need to make corrections.) Please make the changes and resubmit the corrected manuscript through your ScholarWorks account as soon as possible.

Committee Certification Form 

The Committee Certification Form certifies that your committee has read your manuscript and the content is complete and it is ready to be reviewed for formatting. The form must be turned in to Graduate Studies by the submission deadline. All committee members listed on the committee page of your manuscript must sign the form; some programs also require additional signatures. The manuscript itself will no longer be signed. Proxy signatures, phone calls, and emails from faculty will not be accepted in place of signatures. There will be no exceptions. Your manuscript will not be reviewed until we receive the committee certification form at the Graduate Studies office.

Publication Deadline, Week 10

All manuscripts must be approved for electronic publication in the electronic depository by the publication deadline. Deadlines are 5:00 pm on the deadline date.
Do not wait until the publication deadline to corrections – you should be approved for publication by the deadline, not under review. Manuscripts typically go through two to three reviews before they are accepted for publication.

Students whose manuscripts are not accepted for publication by the deadline, as well as those whose manuscripts are rejected, must postpone their graduation and resubmit the following quarter.

Publishing Options

CSUSB ScholarWorks offers two options for access to your work: open access and restricted access.

  1. Open Access: Your document can be accessed by anyone via the internet.
  2. Restricted Access: Only current CSUSB students, staff and faculty can access your manuscript.

You will choose the type of access you prefer when you first submit your manuscript through ScholarWorks.