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Submission Deadlines

The deadlines for submitting a thesis, project or dissertation for review are listed below. Please do your best to format your manuscript before submitting it to CSUSB ScholarWorks. This will speed up the process and help to ensure that your manuscript is accepted for publication by the publication deadline. Poorly formatted manuscripts that need multiple reviews may not be accepted by the publication deadline.

Consultation Deadline: Meet with a thesis reviewer to review your formatting by this date. Consultations are optional. See the Manuscript Review Process for information on how to make an appointment for a consultation.

Submission Deadline: Turn in the Committee Certification Form at Graduate Studies, upload your manuscript on Scholarworks, and pay the Digital Archive and Review fee by this date. Students who do not meet the deadline must submit the following term. We encourage you to submit before the deadline! Please see the Manuscript Review Process for more information.

Publication Deadline: Complete all corrections for publication by this date. Do not wait until the publication deadline to submit your corrections - most manuscripts take 2 reviews. Allow several days for each review.


Summer 2022

These deadlines are based on the university's summer 4/10 work week (campus is closed on Fridays). Graduate Studies will begin accepting theses, projects, and dissertations from summer 2022 graduates on May 31st, the first day of the summer term. Please refrain from uploading your theses, projects, and dissertations to Scholarworks prior to May 31st.  However, you may turn in your committee certification form and digital archive fee receipt before May 31st if you wish.

 Students who did not receive the Covid-related extension must enroll in the 10-week summer session to be eligible for summer submission.

  • Consultation Deadline: Thursday, July 7th
  • Thesis/Project/Dissertation Submission Deadline: Monday, July 11th
  • Publication Deadline: Monday, August 8th


Fall 2022

  • Consultation Deadline: Friday, November 4th
  • Thesis/Project/Dissertation Submission Deadline: Monday, November 7th
  • Publication Deadline: Friday, December 2nd


Spring 2023

  • Consultation Deadline: Friday, April 14th
  • Thesis/Project/Dissertation Submission Deadline: Monday, April 17th
  • Publication Deadline: Friday, May 12th