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Grad Slam: Three Minute Thesis Awardees

Grad Slam: Three Minute Thesis Awardees: 2021-2022

Our inaugural 3MT event was held on Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 3:00 pm in the SMSU Event Center. ? At CSUSB’s first Three Minute Thesis Competition – now renamed Grad Slam –  seven graduate students from diverse disciplines across four colleges did just that. With only a single PowerPoint slide and the clock ticking, students skillfully described the purpose, significance, and process behind their research, putting their specialized knowledge into terms we can all understand.

2021-22 Awardees

First Place: Alexia Martinez, MA in Communication Studies
Presentation: Unapologetically Her: A Nomadic-Intersectional Case Study Analysis on Lizzo and Jillian Michaels

Second Place: Cameron Fraser, MS in Biology
Presentation: Demonstration of Therapeutic Potential of C3aR1 Targeting CAR T Cells

People’s Choice: Joanna Clevenger, MA in English Composition
Presentation: Ideologies in First Year Composition Textbooks