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120 Hour TESOL Certificate

The 120-Hour TESOL Certificate program gives participants the specialized training and skills needed for a successful career teaching English to non-native English speakers. The program is ten weeks, delivered entirely online and allows participants to gain an understanding of academic and practical aspects of TESOL.

If participants decide later they would like to pursue a master’s in TESOL, four graduate credits in this certificate program apply toward the MA in Education, TESOL Option at CSUSB. The participants can have minimal to no teaching experience to apply but a bachelor’s degree is required. Participants must maintain a “B” average to obtain the certificate.

The program topics include the following areas:

  1. Teaching methodology in speaking, listening, reading and writing
  2. Language development and acquisition
  3. Fundamentals of English grammar
  4. Linguistics for teachers
  5. Innovative approaches to teaching
  6. Practical applications

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Apply best practices in language development and learn theory to promote English proficiency
  2. Teach English skillfully, employing a variety of principle-based methods
  3. Create lessons that support active learning
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the structure of English
  5. Select and develop successful materials in EFL/ESL
  6. Relate the importance of the native and target cultures in language learning

How to Apply

  1. Complete the electronic Application form by visiting
  2. Proof of bachelor’s degree or final year standing at bachelor’s level
  3. For international applicants, proof of English proficiency
  4. Email diploma, unofficial transcripts, valid photo ID, and proof of English proficiency (international students only) to


January and June of every year. Contact for exact dates.

*Program fee is not refundable after the 1st day of classes

Important Fee Information:The College of Extended and Global Education makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased to meet the operating costs of delivering these courses and programs. Therefore, the College of Extended and Global Education reserves the right to increase or modify fees, without notice. All College of Extended and Global Education fees are subject to change.

Program Highlights


Duration – 1 quarter (10 weeks)

4 academic credits are transferrable to M.A TESOL at CSUSB

Professional certificate upon completion




120 -Hour TESOL Certificate Flyer