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Global Innovation

“Exploring innovations, challenges and opportunities in a new global era of possibilities.”

The Center for Global Management aims to build strategic partnerships in our region and with global leaders across the world to increase global opportunities for Jack H. Brown College students and IE businesses. Annually, the center organizes the IE Global Innovation Awards, an opportunity to recognize and celebrate innovative companies in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

2018 Nominations 

For the purposes of this award, we conceive innovation as being imaginative ― living a way to create meaningful change. It is a way to lead the world with original ideas and provide fruitful solutions. Ultimately, business and student leaders who have proven to be an innovation champion in our region.

Being innovative may include one or more of the following:

  • Constantly reaching for the unprecedented
  • Constantly using unconventional ways
  • Constantly solving wicked problems
  • Doing amazing things considered impossible
  • Transforming the lives in unfathomable ways
  • Doing things in dramatic timeframes
  • Revolutionizing the energy of those in your ecosystem
  • Engaged in multiplying the impact of your efforts
  • Using world‐class data and experiences to drive change
  • Designing numerous untold innovation stories

Types of Awards and Selection Criteria

The Global Innovator Leadership Award: Recognizes innovative companies that have demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles or other unique challenges in successfully entering new marketplace, using innovation led strategies to broaden their value proposition, to achieve significant international presence. Nominees should have the following attributes:

  • In operation for a minimum of 2 years and have entered a new market within the last three years or demonstrated growth in existing markets
  • Demonstrated significant year-to-year percentage growth in sales volume over the past 1-3 years
  • Demonstrated ability to overcome obstacles or other unique challenges in entering new market
  • Demonstrated promise for globalization through use of innovation and strategies to broaden their value proposition for their new market(s)
  • Shown notable growth in their overall business as a direct result of entering that new marketplace

The Emerging Global Innovator Award: Recognizes an innovative company that is starting to excel in using innovation led strategy for opening new markets and contribute to Inland Empire’s economic development. 

The Global Innovator Student Award ($500): Recognizes a student attending a post-secondary institution in the county of San Bernardino who has demonstrated leadership and has made a significant contribution to the innovation-led global trade community in Inland Empire. Nominees must provide a research poster that tells an IE business’ global innovation story. 

2017 Awardees: