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Richard Michael Segovia

Richard Michael Segovia is a recent graduate from California State University, San Bernardino. He earned his B.A. in Business Administration (2018) with a concentration in marketing. Before attending CSUSB, he received two Associate degrees from Riverside City College in Administration and Information Systems and Social and Behavioral Studies (2016). He is currently working as an Academic Advisor for the Office of Pre-College Programs at CSUSB.

Briana Sedano

Hello, my name is Briana Sedano. I graduated from California State University San Bernardino with my BA in Psychology. I've worked with GEAR UP: two years as a tutor and going on two years as an academic advisor. I work for GEAR UP because I'm passionate about giving youth the power to direct their own lives. I also wanted to give back the support and guidance I received in high school. 

Sabino Montero

Hi there! My name is Sabino, I have been at Indian Springs High School as an Academic Advisor since 2017. I am passionate about helping students achieve their goals! I enjoy serving as a mentor to my students, because I understand the value of having someone that believes in you. My mentors inspired me to pursue my education, because it was going to be my tool to create the change I wanted to see in my environment.  I hope that I can instill the value of giving back in our students here at Indian Springs, in hopes that they will someday mentor and inspire future generations of students.


GEAR UP Site Staff

Jennifer Hernandez

I am a 1st gen college student, enrolled in my 4th year here at CSUSB. I am majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in special education. I currently work as a roving academic advisor of all six high schools working with the special needs population.

Samantha Cannon

Hi, my name is Samantha Cannon and I am an Academic Advisor for Gear Up. I love my job as an Academic Advisor because I get the opportunity to help you make it to college and pursue your dreams. I didn’t have anyone to talk to me about college, which is why I chose to work for Gear Up. I am here to let you know that although the journey may be long and sometimes you may want to give up, keep pushing forward because it is worth it! I recently graduated from CSUSB with my Masters in Counseling.  With hard work and dedication we will work together to ensure your needs are met and we reach your goals too, whatever they may be. I look forward to meeting you and I hope you have a successful year!

Brianna Mendoza

My name is Brianna Mendoza. I am a First generation college student, currently enrolled in my fourth year here at CSUSB and I am working on my bachelor’s degrees in communications. I am an Academic Advisor at San Gorgornio High school and I am excited for this new school year because I love giving back to my community and GEAR UP is a great program for San Bernardino students.

Jared Davis

I am a Biology Student at CSUSB. My name is Jared Davis. I tutor for GEAR UP. It’s my job to assist students with their school work. My goal is to help them improve a little bit every time I see them and hope that all students succeed and go to college. I have always like helping people, and this job provides a great environment to do just that. Another reason I’m here is because I hope to become a teacher at the high school level. I’d like to leave this job having gained skills and experience that will carry over to my future career.

Genesis Guardado

Hello, my name is Genesis Guardado. I am currently finishing my Master’s in Counseling at CSUSB. My counseling background helps inform my position as an Academic Advisor. I am passionate about helping students with their academic and socioemotional lives. Being a student in high school can be challenging, and applying for college can seem even more difficult! As an Academic Advisor, I help students learn more about college, how to apply, and how to successfully be accepted. At the end of the day, I just want my students to build the future they want to see. 

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Isabel Mora

I am currently starting my second year at CSUSB, where I am majoring in Liberal Studies.  I was born in Fontana and raised in Rialto, and I enjoy playing musical instruments (especially the violin), as well as listening and being there for others.  A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother.  I enjoy working with our GEAR UP students and hope to help them get into college!

Caroline Arriaga

I graduated from Victor Valley High School in 2012 (Proud Jackrabbit). I started my college career at the University of California, Riverside. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I absolutely loved being a college student. I made so many amazing memories and became an entirely different person than what I was in high school. I loved it so much that I decided to pursue my Masters. I am currently attending Cal State San Bernardino. In 2019, I will have my Masters of Science in Education/Guidance and Counseling. My goal is to become a Clinical Counselor and help people heal scars you can’t see.

Deziree Luera

My name is Deziree Luera. I have been working with GEAR UP for up two years. I am a science tutor, in-class and after school. I will certainly go out of my way in order to help students with any subject and students with any subject and make sure they understand the information. I grew up as a first generation college student and I want to be able to make a change and impact the student’s lives because they are the FUTURE.

Andrea Reyes

My name is Andrea Reyes. I am a student at CSUSB and majoring in Health Science with a concentration in Public Health. I am a tutor for GEAR UP at San Gorgonio high school. I have been working for GEAR UP for four years. As a tutor, I make sure that the students are completing their homework assignments and checking up on their grades. Also, I am there to assist them in any way possible to make sure they are successful in accomplishing their goals. As a GEAR UP alum, I am passionate about giving back to others, which includes seeing my students graduate high school and getting accepted into college. I want to help my students find as many resources available that will help them in their future careers as GEAR UP did for me when I was in high school. 

Patrick Huynh

My name is Patrick Huyuh and what I do for their homework GEAR UP is helping students with their homework, classwork, tests, and anything they need. I am an in-class tutor and afterschool tutor. I am in GEAR UP because I love helping and I want to see people succeed. I want students to understand all the work they are given and I will help them if they don’t. Education is everything! Never stop learning!

Cristan Meda

Hi, my name is Cristian Meda a graduate of California State University Fullerton. My position at Gear Up is Academic Advisor. I work for Gear Up, because I want to help students reach their full potential and make sure they can make a change in their own future. 

Tristan Kemble

Hi, my name is Tristan Kemble and I am a History and writing tutor with GEAR UP! I am graduating soon with a BA in History and I am currently applying to teach credential programs. In my free time, I love to hike, travel, and coach Basketball. My goal is to motivate and inspires students to better their lives through education and help them to become confident in the classroom.

Nancy Concha

Hi my name is Nancy Concha. I am a third year at California State University of San Bernardino. My major is Computer Engineering, and want to get certified for Cyber Security. I am a tutor at Arroyo Valley High School. I tutor math and Spanish. Why I wanted to work for Gear Up was because I want to motivate students to always try their best, to never give up and alert them of the requirements they need, to attend college, this was something that I did not have from teachers or anyone at school.

Evelyn Witrago

Hey! My name is Evelyn Writrago and I am currently a fourth year here at CSUSB. I am working on my bachelors in Liberal studies with a concentration in math. I am currently an Academic Advisor for GEAR UP at Arroyo Valley High school.

Sinai Estrada

My name is Sinai Estrada I am a first generation Latino student, the first in my family to attend college and see through to the very end. Since then joining gear up our goal is to capture the attention of low-income first generation college students in the San Bernardino area to strive for higher education or continue a route through school to benefit their future. I was placed in similar condition , my parents didn't make much money, people in my family never even got their high school diploma so the idea of college didn't even seem possible and nobody in my high school ever really reached out to me or ever gave me enough information about college until I joined my senior year. My job here at Cajon is to ensure that my kids get as much information possible before they go to college, and provide academic and emotional support.


Selina Sanchez

I am going to be the first in my family to receive a college degree this upcoming spring, and I am very excited!  I never believed I would reach this far, and I want to inspire other students to believe, and strive for their dreams.  I enjoy watching movies in my spare time, and going on hiking adventures.  I am really looking forward to working for the GEAR UP Program.

Kayla Lumowah

Hey GEAR UP! I’m Kayla and I am an Academic Advisor at San Gorgornio High school (Go Spartans!). My own journey through high school and college really shaped my passion for youth and working in diverse, underrepresented communities. My time so far with the class of 2020 has motivated to pursue my master in counseling and Guidance from CSUSB, so I can continue working with great students in a great community. I’m excited to continue to supporting and motivating the class of 2020, and to see all the change they’ll make in the world.