Cajon High School

Cajon High School is located in the University District of San Bernardino, California, and is part of the San Bernardino City Unified School District.
Address: 1200 W Hill Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92407
Phone: (909) 881-8120

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Welcome back class of 2020! You are now Cowboys! 

It is such a privilege to be a part of all the fun, growth, and success that you will experience throughout your high school years here at Cajon.  GEAR UP has been here for you since the 7th grade, and we will continue to be here to make sure that your high school years run even smoother.  But there’s more good news!  You now have two mentors here to help with your transition, goals, and aspirations!  Do you need academic advising?  We got it.  Do you need a place to go?  We’re here for you.  Need tutoring, a place to study, help with homework?  We got that that too.  Or if you just need to talk, come on by.  So don’t be shy, come by and say hi to Brooke and myself.  Our office is located at L-6, but you can also find us walking the campus, attending school rallies, and supporting some of your after-school events.

 Remember, we went through the high school experience too.  I struggled a lot throughout high school, and at times even wanted to give up.  But then I met my own mentor, who pushed me and helped me to see that there’s more to life out there.  It took a bit of effort, but I started seeing my goals more clearly over time.  For the first time I started to see the potential in myself, and ended up getting my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, and my Master’s in Business Administration.  If I could accomplish that, trust me when I say that so can all of you.  And that’s what Brooke and I are here for.

I’m so excited to get to know all of you guys!


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Cajon HS



Room L6


  • Shalimar Register

     Site Coordinator

Cajon HS

Student of the Month

Randy Medley

Randy was chosen as our Student of the Month for March because he's really just a great all around guy and deserves some recognition. He's an active member of the GEAR UP Club and regularly comes to tutoring. He helps others without hesitation when asked and always has a smile on his face. Randy is an honor roll student and has maintained a 4.0 GPA will being at Cajon HS.

“My favorite subject in school is math. In the future, I would want to attend the college of UCLA. When I'm not at school my hobbies consist of playing 2k and listening to music. On 2k I'm a 92 overall shot creator small forward on the Toronto Raptors. I like to listen to Migos, Chance, and Kendrick." – Randy Medley