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Quality Assurance

Students who are selected for the Federal Quality Assurance review must provide the requested documentation to receive federal funds (federal, state aid and institutional aid). The student’s signature on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) signifies agreement to provide proof of application information to California State University San Bernardino.

What is Federal Quality Assurance (QA) Program?

CSUSB has an agreement with the Department of Education to participate in the QA program. The QA program has been designated by the Federal Department of Education to increase quality and customer service for financial aid programs. As part of this program, CSUSB will review information submitted by students on the FASFA.

What is the purpose of QA?

To ensure accurate delivery of federal Title IV student aid funds.

How was I selected as part of the QA sample for CSUSB?

Approximately 600 students were randomly selected. It is possible to be selected more than once.

Now that you have been selected as part of the sample, what must you do to ensure that your financial aid will be awarded in time for Fall term?

You and your family must:

  • Complete, sign, date, and return all QA forms
  • Incomplete documents will not be accepted
  • Information you May Be Asked to Verify
  • You and/or your parents will be asked to submit documentation or clarification of information you provided on your FAFSAsuch as:
  • Income earned from work;
  • Assets such as bank accounts, rental properties, value of a business or investment;
  • Number of family members in the household;
  • Number of family members enrolled in college; or
  • Any other information needed to clarify your status and determine your aid eligibility.

IRS Data Retrieval

  • When completing the FAFSA, if you list your tax filing status as “Will File” because you have not yet filed your income tax return, you can update that status and correct the estimated income information as soon as the tax information is available.
  • Return to, log in and use the IRS Data Retrieval process to update the estimated income on your FAFSA.

IRS TAX Transcripts

  • You and your parents may be required to order Tax Transcripts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you do not use the IRS Retrieval process.
  • Account Transcripts are not acceptable documentation.

Order online or by phone

  • Go to the IRS Web site; or
  • Call the IRS toll free at 1-800-908-9946; or
  • Download IRS to GO APP available on your smart phone.

Submit all required documents to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships


  • Sign all forms and documents.
  • Include your Coyote ID on all documents submitted.
  • Incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible documentation will cause a delay.
  • Keep a copy for your records.