M. Jean Peacock, Ph.D.

Areas In Which I Can Give Advice or Suggestions:


I taught Race & Racism, a large lecture Social Science GE course that was challenging due to its controversial topic. Another favorite course was an advanced experimental Psychology course with a data analyses lab. I am familiar with strategies to teach large groups of students effectively, how to anticipate and use controversy constructively, and how to manage a lab fairly efficiently.

Professional Development:

My research interests addressed issues pertaining to ethnic minority youth and their families. I served on department and college RPT committees and would be happy to share my knowledge about the process. In addition to my degree in Social/ Personality Psychology, I earned a Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology, so my listening skills are fairly good.

Service / Campus and Community Involvement:

I served on various university, college, and departmental committees as a faculty member, assistant dean and associate dean in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I continue to serve on numerous academic and service oriented committees and boards within the local community. I enjoy good relationships with several community leaders and agencies, and would be happy to assist you with identifying community resources.

Relevant Life Experiences:

I transferred to CSUSB as a student from San Bernardino Valley College in the early 70s, so I have seen the University grow from a college of about 3,000 students to the University that it is today. After I graduated, I worked as staff, faculty, and as an administrator, wearing practically every hat possible on this campus. In the process, I have learned valuable survival skills that I am happy to share with you, to help you navigate the many roles we all embrace.

Personal Message:

Thank you for selecting CSUSB as the University where you launch or continue your professional career. If you have any concerns or would just like to meet for coffee or lunch, please do not hesitate to contact me.