Mary Texeira, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

I teach several large capstone and general education classes and have found through the years that they are indeed manageable. But it's been by trial and error. I am happy to share with a mentee the techniques that I have developed through the years.

This is the area over which the new faculty has the least control and should be especially attended to. I am more than happy to share my FAR and any other documents that the mentee needs. Conferences, memberships, etc. all good. Publications unfortunately a matter of co-authoring and knowing someone on editorial boards, etc.

Service / Campus and Community Involvement

Yes! Very important, the unknowns that must be addressed. As an African American woman who began here as a wife and mother of three teens, I have always been acutely aware of the race/gender/class/family barriers and subjective assessments that one encounters in academia. They are not impossible to get around, but they remain a reality nevertheless. I am happy to discuss my experiences and give advice in that regard.

Personal Message

So happy to have new faculty come to campus. Students always benefit from someone who is not burned out and who is excited about what lies ahead. The university benefits in innumerable ways. So, welcome! But know that the road may be rocky at times; I'm here to ease your pain.

Office Extension: 75547