Kathryn Ervin, MFA

Professor of Theatre Arts

Have experience teaching large lectures and small experiential classes.
Pretty good with Blackboard and certainly comfortable experimenting!
Lots of syllabus development particularly in thinking about 10 week- quarter format.
Have successfully developed new courses and programs.

Extensive experience with RPT in developing my own file and reviewing files.
Happy to advise regarding professional development and can point to others with knowledge in specific areas.

Service / Campus and Community Involvement

I am way over committed --- so I would be happy to share pros and cons of involvement and ideas about where to put your energy.

Relevant Life Experiences

I am very comfortable with the life experience issues and welcome opportunities to share. There are many resources that I am familiar with.
The campus is an interesting place to navigate and I am happy to share what worked for me – especially with minority issues.

Personal Message

Welcome to CSUSB. I have had a wonderful experience here! Learned a lot about the profession and about myself. Our students are the next generation to make a major change and you get to play a part in that. They can be very challenging but that is part of the excitement of the future! 
Hope your experience here is a great one!

Office Extention: 75892