Rong (Ron) Chen, Ph.D.

Professor of English

I have taught a variety of courses except large lecture classes. In the role of department chair twice (English and Accounting and Finance), I have been acquainted with different teaching modes and am familiar with student expectations in course content and delivery, assignments and assessment, and issues that might arise in different areas of teaching.

As a scholar, I have published several books and some 50 articles. I am the associate editor of one journal and on the editorial boards of a few others. 

I understand the RPT process reasonably well, again due to my service as department chair in two different colleges—Arts and Letters and College of Business and Public administration. As such, I am familiar with expectations of readers of documents such as SOTEs, FAR, class visitation reports, and rebuttals written by evaluated faculty.

You will soon find that this process is quite complicated. I would be happy to share with you possible consequences of doing something out of "the expected norm." Take "rebuttals," for instance. There is the issue of "To rebut or not to rebut." There is also the issue of how to rebut should you decide to respond.

Service / Campus and Community Involvement

My experience in service on committees is quite extensive, at all levels of the university. In contrast, though, I cannot say the same about my experience with community groups.

Relevant life Experiences

During my twenty plus years at CSUSB working as a first-generation immigrant, I am aware of the challenges a faculty member from a non-dominant social group might face. 
I would feel very comfortable discussing these and other campus culture issues with an interested faculty member.

Personal Message

Welcome to CSUSB! You are joining a dedicated, vibrant, and caring faculty at this wonderful university. To nurture is one of the few things in my mind that CSUSB can boast about. I have benefited from it and so should (or will) you!

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