Meet the Mentors

How to Select a Mentor

The mentors are experienced, respected senior and retired faculty from across campus who have agreed to make themselves available to any probationary faculty member seeking advice on a wide range of issues. We suggest that you read the bio of each mentor and select one or more individuals you think would be most helpful with your particular concern or interest. You may then contact the mentor(s) directly. Alternatively, the Director will be happy to help you identify an appropriate mentor and/or facilitate a meeting. To make such a request, email the Director.

Professor of Sociology

I teach several large capstone and general education classes and have found through the years that they are indeed manageable. But it's been by trial and error. I am happy to share with a mentee the techniques that I have developed through the years.

This is the area over which the new faculty has the least control and should be especially attended to. I am more than happy to share my FAR and...

Professor of Information and Decision Sciences

I started teaching at CSUSB in 1980 and have seen the campus grow from 4,000 students to over 17,000. Students have changed, and so has my teaching style. I've taught mega-sections of undergraduate introductory statistics (180 – 200 students); major classes in supply chain management, quality management, and computer programming (10 – 20 students); and graduate classes in...

Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling 
Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Creating syllabus that promote student success and minimize faculty-student conflict; integrating sexual and gender content into a wide variety of courses; integrating human rights related content into a variety of courses; I understand I am pretty good at lecturing and finding links between students' lived experience and course...

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Emeritus

Dr. Fernandez received his Ph.D. in geology from Syracuse University and has had a truly distinguished career in higher education. He served as Chair of Geology and Dean of the College of Sciences at the University of New Orleans before coming to CSUSB in 1991 as Dean of the College of Natural...

Professor of Theatre Arts

Have experience teaching large lectures and small experiential classes.
Pretty good with Blackboard and certainly comfortable experimenting!
Lots of syllabus development particularly in thinking about 10 week- quarter format.
Have successfully developed new courses and programs.

Extensive experience with RPT in developing my own file and reviewing files.
Happy to advise regarding...

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

I retired from CSUSB after 33 years of service. My teaching experiences range from small 20-25) to intermediate (45-90) size required and elective classes. I routinely taught undergraduate and graduate students. My research supervision included undergraduate laboratory classes, independent study, senior honors projects and master's thesis research. I also have experience mentoring and coordinating...

Professor of English

I have taught a variety of courses except large lecture classes. In the role of department chair twice (English and Accounting and Finance), I have been acquainted with different teaching modes and am familiar with student expectations in course content and delivery, assignments and assessment, and issues that might arise in different areas of teaching.

As a scholar, I have published several books and some...

Professor of Mathematics

I have taught most of the mathematics curriculum, ranging from remedial math courses to graduate level seminar courses. An interesting aspect of teaching mathematics at CSUSB is that we offer service courses for a variety of programs. For example, we offer a sequence of "Math for Teachers" courses for the Liberal Studies program and also an Operations Research course for the National Security Studies...