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2020/21 DEI Faculty Learning Community E-Poster Presentations

DEI Faculty Learning Community E-Poster Presentations 



Preparing Anti-Racist Educators During a Time of Pandemics

Karen Escalante, Teacher Education and Foundations


Exploration of anti-Black biases in nursing care & implementation of pedagogical interventions

Claudia Davis, Nursing, and Angela Horner, Biology


Bostock v Cayton County’s Affect on LGBTQ Rights

Ann Johnson,  Management


Best Practices for DE&I in Asynchronous Online Instruction

Todd A. Johnson, Music


Toward a Better Understanding of Asian Students Who Cannot Say 'No'

Dong Man Kim, Accounting and Finance


Corporate’s DEI and Corporate Performance

Taewoo Kim, Accounting and Finance


Class Project: BIPOC social media influencers

Melika Kordrostami, Marketing


Cultural Competence by Overcoming Microwave* Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Fadi Muheidat, School of Computer Science and Engineering


Effectiveness of Cultural competency training Program in improving the Openness to Diversity in nursing students of a Southern California University

Pinthusorn Pattayakorn,  Nursing, College 


Textual Analysis in the Service of Diversity Work

Robert Kyriakos Smith, English, 


“Wait…Not All Composers Wear Wigs and Use Quill Pens? Creating, Studying, and Programming Contemporary Musical Works Involving Diverse Compositional Practices with the CSUSB New Music Ensemble”

Kevin Zhang, Department of Music


Rethinking belonging through mestiza consciousness: Student accounts of diversity, equity, inclusion, and exclusion in a campus newspaper

Mariam Betlemidze, Ph.D. Department of Communication Studies


Decolonization Across Communities

Hannah Kivalahula-Uddin, Ph.D.

Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Elder Educational Leadership & Technology, COE, CSUSB

Facilitation Team Members:

Monijeh Badiee, Francisca Beer, Kimberly Collins, Bibiana Diaz, Twillea Evans-Carthen, Andre Harrington, Carol Hood, Michelle Jalali, Monideepa Becerra, Stacie Pham.