CSUSB offers a wide variety of grants for faculty and staff. Below are a few of the grants available through CSUSB and their deadlines. Please contact the Teaching Resource Center for more information. 

Innovative Course Development Grants

The purpose of the TRC Course Development grants is to support faculty to redesign or develop a course in ways that implement high-impact, evidence-based, and/or innovative teaching strategies to improve student learning, AND can be used after the semester conversion.  Such redesign and/or development must go significantly above and beyond regular course preparation and clearly relate to improving student learning and engagement.  Support from this grant program does not include support for course revision or course development that is part of faculty’s regular teaching assignment.

The course redesign must take into consideration why the redesign is needed both in AY 2019-20 and how it will be utilized under semesters.

Faculty support will include $4,700.00 for one course release for Spring 2019.


Summer 2019 CD: March 6, 2019 

Teaching Skills Study Awards

To enhance faculty's Teaching by attending a confrerence devoted to university teaching or to a high-impact, evidence or a newly developing teaching practice.


Spring 2019 TSSA: January 30th, 2019