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About the Faculty Center for Excellence

The Faculty Center for Excellence (FCE) provides coherent and comprehensive support for faculty to reach their personal and professional goals in the areas of research, scholarship, creative activities, teaching, community engagement, and leadership. The FCE is led and driven by faculty that seek to enhance the faculty experience by fostering creativity, learning, inquiry, and exploration through community, collaboration, and collegiality in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive atmosphere. Furthermore the FCE is dedicated to help:

  • Coordinate and provide professional development, mentoring, and funding to support faculty in research, scholarship, creative activities, teaching, community engagement, and leadership
  • Provide a welcoming space for faculty to gather for professional development, collaboration, networking, and mutual support
  • Provide an environment that values and promotes faculty initiative, exploration, innovation, and advancement
  • Establish and maintain a central repository of information regarding resources and faculty professional activities

The FCE also invites Graduate Students who would like to further their education to become future Adjunct Faculty, Lecturers, Non-Tenure, Pre-Tenure, & Tenure Professors to utilize the FCE as an area to help facilitate their success. 

Faculty Center for Excellence
Faculty Center for Excellence Lounge

What else does the Center Provide?

  • Equipment available for check out as needed
  • Laptops (Both Windows and Mac)
  • iPads
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Charging stations
  • Coffee, snacks, and a microwave
  • Lockers to keep your belongings safe during your visit