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Recruiting and Appointing of Part-time Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)

Developing and Approving Candidate Pools

  1. The appointment of part-time temporary faculty is made from a pool of previously approved candidates.
  2. To establish candidate pools, departments/programs, as necessary, should advertise part-time temporary positions around the local area to develop applications files. Every effort should be made to recruit and maintain approved candidate pools that is diverse ethnically and by gender.
  3. Application files should consist of three (3) letters of recommendation from individuals qualified to comment; student evaluations of teaching, if available; and official transcripts of last graduate degree.
  4. Candidate pools are approved by the Department Recruiting Committee following review of applicant files.
  5. Applicants may be dropped from approved candidate pools if their performance, following periodic evaluations, are deemed below expectations.


  1. A part-time temporary faculty appointment letter should indicate the period of employment, e.g., Spring term; the course assignments; and the salary range/step (please refer to salary schedule in effect for Class Code 2358). Part-time temporary faculty may be appointed for one term or more, e.g. the academic year but this should only be done when there is considerable certainty of need.
  2. In appointing a part-time temporary faculty, notice should be provided that in accordance with section 36.5 of the MOU, there is a limitation of 125% of timebase CSU employment. This means that at no time during the term of employment, a part-time temporary faculty can teach more than 18 quarter weighted teaching units (WTU's) for the CSU.


  1. Part-time faculty may be reappointed to a similar assignment (i.e., same course(s) in same department/program), but such reappointment should be based on the most recent periodic evaluation report or on evaluation materials appropriately included in the Personnel files.
  2. If a part-time temporary faculty has had an assignment during all three (3) terms of the previous academic year regardless of the timebase, they should be provided an "Academic Year Letter" if offered an assignment the following Fall term. The purpose of that "Academic Year Letter" is to enable a part-time temporary faculty to quality for benefits provided their level of timebase is above 6.0 WTU's. The issuing of such a letter does not obligate a department or program to any assignment or level of timebase for any part-time temporary faculty.
  3. Upon reaching a total of 36 WTU's in cumulative assignments part-time temporary faculty should be given a step increase if subsequently appointed to a similar assignment in the same department or program,* but only up to the range maximum and if Service Step Increases (SSIs) have been funded. Maximum steps by range are as follow:
    • Range A - Maximum Step 9
    • Range B - Maximum Step 15
    • Range C - Maximum Step 15
    • Range D - Maximum Step 9
  4. Movement to a higher range may be possible for part-time temporary faculty following appropriate evaluation and recommendation in accordance with the Procedures And Criteria For Range Elevation (FAM 653.43). The College Dean will make the final decision.
  5. Part-time temporary faculty are considered appointed only after an appointment letter has been extended and accepted.

* If a part-time temporary faculty teaches in more than one department or program, even if it is within the same school, the cumulative accounting of WTU's for purposes of giving step increases must be done separately for each department or program.