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Recruiting and Appointing Full-time Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)

Requesting Approval for Full-time Temporary Faculty Recruiting

  1. The request for approval to recruit full-time temporary faculty (Lecturers) is initiated at the department level. Such requests are only made whenever there is clear and established need to fill an existing vacancy.
  2. Final approval is made by the Dean.

Advertising the Position

Departments should:

  1. Prepare and submit a Job posting announcement to Academic Personnel for Affirmative Action approval.
  2. Circulate announcement of position opening to area Colleges and Universities or if necessary place ads in regional newspapers. In addition, announcements should be sent to selected department chairs, and to colleagues at neighboring institutions.
  3. Departments may consider applicants from outside the immediate region but normally recruiting funds are not available for travel or moving expenses.

Reviewing Applicant Files

(Same as for Tenure-Track Faculty, See Review Applicant File)

Campus Visit and Interview

  1. The Department Chair in close coordination with the Department Recruiting Committee should arrange campus visits and interview of candidates.
  2. Campus visits should include interviews with the following:
    1. Department Recruiting Committee
    2. Department faculty (individually or collectively, but an open forum would be best)
    3. Department Chair
    4. College Dean
  3. It is also essential that candidates make some kind of presentation which would exemplify their teaching performance.

Selecting Finalist and Structuring an Offer

  1. Following campus visit by candidates, the Department Recruiting Committee should meet as soon as possible to consider all comments and recommendations before selecting final candidate.
  2. Tenured and probationary faculty members in the department or program should vote on whether or not the final candidate is acceptable. (See Department Faculty Voting Results Form). This vote is advisory in nature since the recruiting committee's recommendation is the only form of recommendation required by the MOU. (See Department Recruiting Committee Comments Form). However, this vote is essential in determining level of support for a particular candidate.
  3. If final candidate is acceptable, the Department Chair should proceed to prepare a recommendation on the appropriate form to specifically indicate period of appointment, salary range/step (please refer to salary schedule in effect for Class Code 2358), and workload assignments. Normally, at least initially, the period of appointment for full-time temporary faculty should not be for more than one academic year and the normal workload assignment is 44 WTU's (11 courses) unless reduced by other non-instructionally-related activities such as student advising, program coordination, etc.

Preparing Appointment Folders

(Same as for Tenure-Track Faculty, See Preparing Appointment)



  1. If a department, based on the periodic evaluation most recently scheduled, decides to reappoint a full-time temporary faculty, the Department Recruiting Committee must prepare a recommendation, followed by the Department Chair's and School Dean's recommendations. Departments and Schools are strongly urged to initiate the process of reappointment as early as possible and certainly no later than the end of the academic year.
  2. The updated appointment file of the full-time temporary faculty accompanied by the Unit 3 Appointment Form is then forwarded to Academic Personnel.
  3. If Service Step Increases (SSI) have been funded, temporary full-time faculty should be given a salary step increase up to the range maximum whenever reappointed. Maximum steps by range are as follows:
    1. Range A - Maximum Step 9
    2. Range B - Maximum Step 15
    3. Range C - Maximum Step 15
    4. Range D - Maximum Step 9
  4. Movement to a higher range may be possible for full-time temporary faculty following appropriate evaluation and recommendation in accordance with the Procedures And Criteria For Range Elevation (FAM 653.43). The Vice President for Academic Affairs will make the final decision.
  5. Full-time temporary faculty (Lecturers) are considered appointed only after an offer has been extended in writing and accepted by the candidate following the same process as for Tenure-Track appointments (See Approval Process).