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Recruit Manual

Faculty Recruiting Manual and Appointment Manual

Recruiting and Appointing Tenure-track Faculty The following topics are discussed in detail:

Recruiting and Appointing Full-Time Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)

Requesting and Approval for Full-Time Temporary Faculty Recruiting

Recruiting and Appointing Part-Time Temporary Faculty (Lecturers)


  1. Report Form for Planned Tenure Track Hiring

  2. Sample Position Announcement

  3. Sample letter to Major Universities Soliciting applications or nominations
  4. Sample letter to all viable applicants

  5. Sample letter to non-viable applicants

  6. Biographical Statement

  7. Applicant Data Form

  8. Faculty Applicant Roster

  9. Telephone Inquiry Notes

  10. Sample letter to applicants who have been eliminated from consideration

  11. Sample letter confirming campus visit arrangements

  12. Interviewer's Comments

  13. Sample questions on the understanding of gender issues

  14. Department Faculty Voting Results

  15. Department Recruiting Committee Comments

  16. Department Chair's Comments

  17. College Dean's Comments and Recommendations

  18. Sample letter to candidates interviewed but not selected

  19. Sample letter to candidates interviewed who request additional information on reason for their non-selection