Anatomy Teaching Laboratory CS 141 and Graduate Research Laboratory BI 326

Project Name: Anatomy Teaching Labs

Campus: San Bernardino

Phase: Construction Documents

Project Description:  The vacated Anthropology Museum space on the first floor of the Chemical Sciences building will be converted into two new Anatomy teaching laboratory spaces with a shared specimen storage space. These two new state-of-the-art laboratory spaces will serve a total of 48 students doubling the existing teaching capacity.
On the third floor of the Biological Sciences building, the existing specimen storage room of the Anatomy lab will be converted into a new Graduate research laboratory. The laboratory will feature mobile instrument benches, a safety shower/eyewash, and accessible accommodations for a fume hood and sink to ensure equal access to learning and equal opportunity for academic success.

  • Funding: College of Natural Sciences
  • Project Manager: Grace Borbe
  • Estimated Project Completion: Summer 2020

Anatomy Lab Axonometric B