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About the Bachelor's of Art in Ethnic Studies

Objectives of the Major

The objectives of the Bachelor's of Art in Ethnic Studies are to support and empower students in: 

  • Acquiring specialized knowledge in the methodologies and frameworks of Ethnic Studies, particularly around the intellectual, political, historical, social and cultural contexts of specific racial and ethnic formations in the United States and in the world.
  • Joining in conversation with interlocuters in Ethnic Studies and related fields both within and outside academia. In doing so, they will develop the ability to effectively communicate their complex ideas in a number of forms, including writing, visual, auditory and multimodal texts, performance and other aesthetic and cultural productions.
  • Conducting research as both a project-based and practice-based component of their work in Ethnic Studies. In other words, they will be encouraged to critically evaluate and interpret evidence and offer their findings in disciplinarily appropriate projects, but also will be encouraged to understand that the practice of conducting research is also an ongoing work onto itself.
  • Honing their skills in the interdisciplinary and intersectional analyses of systems and structures of power and inequality in the United States and beyond. In doing so, they will be prepared to be active participants in creating a more just world.