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Teacher Preparation (ETPP)

State Approved English Subject Matter Program

Our CSUSB English Teacher Preparation Program is one of the few State-approved English subject matter programs in California. If you graduate from CSUSB with your B.A. in English without having completed our English Teacher Preparation Program and then go to another university that does not have a state-approved subject matter program, you will have to pass the English CSET (California Subject Examination for Teachers) in order to earn your subject matter competency. In addition, if you graduate with your B.A. in English and later decide to come back to do our English Teacher Preparation program, you will have lost your catalog rights and will have to complete all of the requirements of whatever our current English Teacher Preparation program is. If you wish to avoid these potential challenges, it is a good idea to complete our English Teacher Preparation Program while you are completing your English major here.


The requirements for the English Teacher Preparation Program are listed in the University Catalog under the B.A. in English (see the section labeled 'English Teacher Preparation Program' in Catalogs for 2005-2006 to the present; for Catalogs prior to 2005-2006, the English Teacher Preparation Program is listed under the section labeled 'Teaching Credential Program' for the B.A. in English). You should follow the Catalog for the year in which you declared your English Major (That year is listed on your PAWS report.).

In order to meet your required 'subject matter competency' for a single subject English teaching credential, you must do ONE of two options:

Option 1

Complete our Department's English Teacher Preparation Program (ETTP)

If you do option 1 (i.e., complete our English Teacher Preparation Program), you will have earned your subject matter competency and you will not need to take the CSET. The subject matter competency that you earn in our program will transfer to any teaching credential program in the state of California. Thus, if you complete our English Teacher Preparation Program, you can take your subject matter competency to any California teaching credential program. In other words, you do not need to do your credential at the same school in which you did your English subject matter program.

Option 2

Pass all sections of the English CSET exam.