Employee Development Day

I love CSUSB!

Acknowledgement and recognition are important elements to how we build our campus community. We value the commitment and hard work of all of our employees.Here at CSUSB, our successes are possible because of the involvement of our staff, faculty, and administrators in our vision, mission, and core values. To express our gratitude, we’ve assembled teams to coordinate our annual appreciation picnic and development days.

This is our third year in hosting an appreciation picnic and employee development days. This year, like in the past, promises to be a fun-filled and education focused on your career development, health and wellness, and technical competency. We invite you to participate in this event and what is becoming a part of our campus culture and Coyote tradition.

Best Regards,
César and Rowena

Cesar Portillo
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Employee Appreciation Picnic Chair

Rowena Woidyla
Director, Leadership Development & Employee Enrichment
EDD 2018 Chair

Employee Development Day Planning Team

  • Adriana Kazanjian
  • Doris Selva
  • Ingrid Valdez
  • Iwona Contreras
  • Jennifer Montgomery
  • Marissa Boles
  • Iwona Contreras
  • Reneisha Wilkes
  • Stacy Brooks

Special thanks goes out to Robert Garcia, Bliss Gray, and Joel Fite for their amazing work on the website and graphics.


Interested in getting involved with EDD 2018? Please complete the information below and a member of our EDD 2018 Planning Team will get back to you!