What do I do if the laboratory fume hood alarm goes off?

Immediately cease all operations within the fume hood. Close the fume hood sash and call EHS for further instructions.

What do I do if I find a dead bird/animal on campus?

Please contact the EHS department ext. x75179 with the location for proper pick-up and disposal.

How often does hazardous waste get “picked-up”?
  1. Every 90-days.
  2. On an “as-needed” basis.
How do I dispose of on-campus generated hazardous waste?

Please fill out the Hazardous Waste Disposal Request Form and submit to EHS either by fax and/or email.

How do obtain an ergonomic evaluation of my workspace?

Please complete Ergonomic Screening Questionnaire online under “Forms” section and submit to EHS.

How can I get approval for a food event on campus?

Please complete Food Sales and Services Form online under “Forms” section and submit to EHS.

Who do I call for:
  1. Battery pick-up

    1. Please contact Facilities Management and/or EHS for battery pick-up and replacement containers
  2. Toners
    1. Please contact Facilities Management
How do I report a student injury?
  1. Please contact University Police
  2. Ensure that the STD 268 form is completed by authorized personnel
How do I report a workplace injury?

Please complete the Supervisor Injury Investigation Report (SIIR) and submit.

  1. For further details, please see Procedures for Reporting an Injury and Illness under “Occupational Safety.” 
How do I report a safety hazard?

Contact EHS for further instructions

Is there parking available at EHS?
  1. Yes, there is parking available for the following groups for the following groups:

    1. Faculty/Staff—Lot A
    2. Students—Lot A
    3. Visitors—There are two types of parking available at EHS: 30 minutes free for visitors and temporary parking permits.
      1. Temporary daily permits are available for purchase at our Information Center on University Parkway or Coyote Drive or at any of the 13 parking permit dispensers located throughout the campus. For more information please contact Parking and Transportation Services (link to website).
      2. Temporary vendor permits are a courtesy permit given by EHS for vendors administering services that require more than 30 minutes.
Where is the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Department located?

We are located between Facilities Management and Campus Police Department in front of Parking Lot A.