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Writing Requirements

To be admitted to the program, both Preliminary Administrative Credential and Masters' students must show that they have already satisfied the upper division writing requirement.

The Graduate Writing Requirement can be met by completing one of two options listed below:


Show successful completion of an upper division expository writing class with at least a grade of 'B', within the past seven years. At CSUSB the current expository writing class is EDUC 306 (formerly 495). If the writing course is more than 7 years old, then student must file a waiver and submit to Graduate Studies for approval.

Demonstration of Professional Writing

 Documents must show evidence of summary, synthesis, analysis, research and the proper citation of sources, the elements required by the EDUC 306.

  1. Copy of a signed Dissertation, Master's Thesis along with a copy of your transcript showing completion of the degree.
  2. Significant published scholarly article showing evidence of analysis/synthesis and documentation of sources. Unacceptable: articles written for such things as community newspapers and clubs, church or job newsletters which show no evidence of research-based analytical writing.
  3. Senior Project or major research project demonstrating knowledge of the style guide of the discipline, from a course that is not counted toward the student's current master's work at CSUSB. Students must submit a catalog description of the course and a copy of their transcript showing completion of the course for which the project was written.
  4. A major study/report written as part of someone's job responsibilities that clearly indicates that the student was the author or made major contributions. The report must demonstrate the elements of summary, synthesis, analysis, research and the proper citing of sources.

There are four rubrics in the areas of integration/critical analysis, content/organization, style/format and grammar/usage.  Students must score 9/12 on these rubrics to meet the EADM program writing requirement.

Note: Submissions cannot be course-work that is currently in progress or creative writing (poetry, short stories, and novels), either in manuscript or published form.