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Intern Program

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program in the Department of Educational Leadership and Curriculum at California State University San Bernardino received a full five year term of accreditation for all its programs from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, as well as national recognition.

Entry Requirements:

  • Admission to CSU Graduate Division.
  • Admission to Educational Administrative Credential Program
  • Employment in an administrative position.
  • Minimum 5 years Full-Time Teaching Experience.

Class Locations and Schedules

The Educational Administration classes are offered in eleven week quarters, either in the evenings from 6 to 9:50 PM, (or by instructor permission 5 - 8:50 pm) or in six weekend full Saturday sessions.

The CSUSB Intern Administration Program classes or offered at:

  • Cal State University, San Bernardino
  • CSUSB Palm Desert (PDC)
  • Riverside County Cohort (Moreno Valley)
  • San Bernardino City Unified Cohort

All classes are offered at each of the locations listed above. Students may attend the location(s) of their choice.

How to Become an Intern:

The Preliminary Administrative Services Intern Credential allows a student in the Preliminary Administrative Credential program to work as an administrator while in the program.

Any student who has completed admission requirements to the University AND the College of Education, Educational Administration Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program may request a letter of eligibility to the intern project from the Intern Director. This eligibility letter can be used when applying for an administrative position with a school district in place of the preliminary administrative credential. Specific steps are explained below.

Step 1:

To be admitted to the Internship Program the student must complete admission to the university AND the College of Education, Educational Administration Program. Admission to the University: See: Admission 'University Requirements.'

Note: Admission to the Program includes meeting the Writing Requirement.

{Interns must enroll in EADM 630 from the time they enter the Intern Program until they complete all course work for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. EADM 630 meets the Fieldwork requirement.

Step 2:

When the admission requirements have been satisfied the prospective intern obtains the Intern Program application packet and the application packet for the Intern Administrative Services PreliminaryCredential from the Intern office (909) 537-7404. Prospective intern completes packet with supporting documentation required.

Packet One. Student Services Area in the College of Education Building first floor at CSU Packet for the Preliminary Intern Credential with CCTC:

  • Application (41-IHE).
  • Letter of acceptance into the intern project from the Intern Director (see below)
  • Cashier's Check or Money Order of $100 payable to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).
  • Service fee of $25 check made out to CSUSB. A personal check is acceptable.
  • Transcripts. If you have previously completed coursework at CSUSB you can sign a 'transcript authorization form' and will not have to resubmit transcripts. Submit official copies of all other transcripts.
  • Copy of CBEST scores.
  • Applicant must submit the Case Form for 'Verification of Teaching' and have the form signed by the district official of personnel.
  • Copy of valid teaching or services credential.
  • School district intern contract letter to include the beginning date and authorized signature as designated by district Personnel Office.
    Student Services Office certifies all requirements, sends intern administrative credential application to CCTC, and notifies school district that application has been sent.

Step 3:

Prospective Intern contacts the Program Office for an appointment. Either phone: 909-537-7404 or Director at 909-537-5674

Step 4:

Intern Director and Prospective Intern meet and review forms for accuracy and signatures. When all forms are completed the Intern Director will provide letter of acceptance to the student for admission into the Intern Project. This is included in credential application packet.

Step 5:

Prospective Intern takes credential application to the Student Services Office at the University. (College of Education, Office CE102, phone 909-537-5609).

Step 6:

Intern Director reviews course requirements for EADM 630 with intern and provides intern with website access information.

Step 7:

Intern Director schedules a meeting with the Intern and his/her supervisor. Intern enrolls in EADM 630 class with the registrar's office along with other classes the student is taking in the Educational Administration program. Intern enrolls in EADM 630 in EACH quarter until the Tier I program is completed.

Step 8:

When the intern BEGINS their final quarter in the Tier I (Preliminary Administrative Services Credential) program, the intern files for a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (PASC) with the Student Services office. The Intern Administrative Services Credential is a two year credential and does not renew. If this credential expires before the application for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential has been processed and sent forward to CCTC by the Student Services Office, the intern cannot legally work (or be paid) as an administrator.