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Preliminary Administrative Credential Requirements (PASC)

The Educational Administration faculty and staff want your graduate experience at Cal State San Bernardino to be a positive one. Please use the following timeline to chart your progress. Keep all correspondence you received from Cal State as well as copies of all materials you submitted with this time-line in a folder. This will allow you to focus on your studies, streamline the paperwork and facilitate a positive experience. If you have signed up for the Administrative Intern Option, see Intern Information for special coursework information.

See Getting Started for requirements prior to the Coursework-Requirements listed below. See Schedule of Classes for dates, times, location of the following courses.

Credential Courses

  • EADM 601 Educational Leadership* (4)
  • EADM 607 Policy, Politics and Community Relations* (4)
  • EADM 610 Supervision of Instruction* (4)
  • EADM 613 School Personnel Management (4)
  • EADM 620 Practicum in Education Administration (1) take with 610
  • EADM 619 Legal Aspects of Education (4)
  • EADM 626( A,B,C,D) Issues and Trends in School Administration (4)
  • Complete Advancement to Candidacy form with advisor 
  • EADM 622 School Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction (4)
  • EADM 625 School Finance and Business Management (4)
  • Apply for Fieldwork - All students must apply for each fieldwork experience by the third week of the quarter before they intend to take fieldwork. See Fieldwork for details.
  • EADM 621A/B (2each)Fieldwork in Educational Administration - must be taken twice in different quarters near the end of your program.
  • Apply for Credential - See details at the Prepare for Graduation page.