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Apply for your Credential

The quarter you are completing the program, obtain a Credential application for the Preliminary Administrative Service Credential from the Student Services office in person or online (call 909-537-5609).  It is also available online.  Complete the application, the required attachments and purchase the certified check, as described in the directions included in the application. Submit your application to the Student Services office, located in the College of Education Building, Room 102 at least 5 weeks before the end of your last quarter. When the Student Services office has processed your application you will receive a 'letter of eligibility' written by the Credential Analyst. This is the letter you need to apply for positions or verify completion of the preliminary administrative services credential.

Note: In addition to the coursework you must have completed five (5) years of full-time teaching, pupil personnel, library services, or health services to qualify for the credential.

Grad Check

Grad Check form must be submitted approximately November 1 for a June graduation with appropriate fee to Records Office. Please check the CSUSB Bulletin for specific deadlines to avoid late fees. For MA only.

Attend June or December commencement

Commencement information is available on the web. Call the Commencement Hotline at 909-537-7050