What is Coyote First STEP?

Coyote First STEP (CFS) is CSUSB’s FREE, nationally recognized and award winning, fully residential summer experience for students who are required to participate in Early Start math and plan to attend CSUSB in fall 2017. Students will live on-campus in university housing for the duration of the program while they complete courses and engage in activities which are designed to promote college success. Students will experience life in the residence halls, become better acquainted with the campus and make some new friends along the way. This program was designed with students in mind to provide an introduction to student life at CSUSB while establishing a strong foundation for academic success.

Please feel free to email us at: cfs@csusb.edu
Or call the Coyote First STEP Call Center - (909) 726-0337

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View our Coyote First STEP Program Brochure below:

Note the following revision: The New SAT score for "Exempt" English is 550 or above, not 570 as listed in the brochures. 

Which program is right for me?

New Members of the Coyote Family

If you plan to attend CSUSB in Fall 2017, and are required to complete Early Start math you are strongly encouraged to participate in Coyote First STEP.

If you plan to attend CSUSB in Fall 2017, and are ONLY required to participate in Early Start English based on your English Placement test (EPT) scores, you may meet the requirement at CSUSB by enrolling in Early Start English (ESE 99), or at another CSU. Please contact the Early Start Program and Coyote First STEP call center for information on how to meet the Early Start English requirement at another CSU.

Students who Plan to Attend Other CSU Campuses in Fall 2017

If you do not plan to attend CSUSB in fall 2017, but you would like to meet your Early Start requirement at CSUSB, you will need to participate in Early Start Math 15B or 15 C and/or Early Start English 99.

For assistance with identifying your required course, visit our Pathfinder Tool