Coyote First STEP is CSUSB’s fully residential summer experience for students required to participate in Early Start math who plan to attend CSUSB in fall. Students will live on-campus in university housing for the first 2 weeks of the program while they complete courses and engage in activities, which are designed to promote college success

This program may help you reduce the number of math courses you will have to take so you can graduate in a timely manner. When you complete the program and pass your classes, you can save time and money towards your degree!

Students who are required to participate in the Early Start Program but do not, will not be allowed to enroll in classes for fall.

Math: If you complete the Early Start math requirement, but do not pass your classes, you will be allowed to enroll for the fall and will need to take the appropriate math stretch sequence course.

English: English courses are selected through the Directed Self-Placement process and will not be impacted by your Early Start English performance.

All students who plan to attend CSUSB in the fall who are

  • under 21 on July 1 and/or
  • not married or in a domestic partnership
  • not parenting small children

will be expected to live on campus for the two weeks of the Coyote First STEP program. CSUSB will provide university housing at no cost for those two weeks.

Special Requests may be submitted online through the Special Request Form

Students who do not plan to attend CSUSB in the fall will not live on campus for their Early Start math program.

Coyote First STEP is designed for students planning to attend CSUSB in fall. Students not planning to attend CSUSB in fall may meet their Early Start English and/or math requirement at our campus but are not eligible to enroll in Coyote First STEP.

You should receive an email within two to three business days. It is important to check both your personal and campus email for ESP registration information.

If you already have a myCoyote ID number and password you will use this same information to sign in and register for your ESP class.

Applicants for admission to the CSUSB are required to meet minimum admission requirements in order to be accepted. Beyond admission, there are several requirements to ensure a student’s successful transition to the university, these enrollment requirements include but are not limited to Placement Exam Testing, Early Start participation, and mandatory orientation (SOAR) participation.  Students are encouraged to review their offer of admission and campus correspondence to review any additional enrollment requirements. Students should check their campus email and log onto their MyCoyote portal frequently for important information from our campus.

No. Grades will be sent to your home campus when courses are completed.

Contact us by phone at (909) 537-5188 or email 

Don't forget to check your myCoyote!