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Courses are conveniently offered twice per week (generally one week night where students meet at either CSUSB or PDC and the course is video-streamed, and one Saturday where all students meet at CSUSB). Some courses are offered as on-line hybrid.

Catalog Description of Courses

EDUC 700: Scientific Inquiry - Overview of basic tools and methods required for scientific inquiry. Guided practice in the critical review of current educational literature, hypothesis development, and design of basic quantitative and qualitative methods. Content coverage to include research designs, sampling techniques, data collection strategies, basic psychometrics, descriptive and inferential statistics, and ethical treatment of research participants. (4 units)

EDUC 705: Organizations and Leadership - Examines educational institutions, administrative roles, organizational and administrative theory. Developing and sustaining positive relationships with boards and governance issues are emphasized. (PK-12) (4 units)


EDUC 760: Foundations of Community Colleges and other Higher Education Systems – This course provides a broad overview of California’s higher education system, including its historical, political, philosophical, and social aspects. Emphasizes social responsibility and the relationships between PreK-12 and higher education. (CC/HE) (4 units)

EDUC 707: Quantitative Methods - Guided practice in designing quantitative research in education. Analyzes quantitative methods, data collection and results. (4 units)

EADM 736: Instructional Leadership and Learning Strategies – Course focuses on leaders’ role and responsibility for providing vision, direction, coordination, and resources for the improvement of curriculum and instruction. Leadership theories informed by recent understanding from neuroscience are center to the learning of the course. (PK-12) (4 units)


EDUC 764: Fostering Student Learning and Success – This course presents strategies in student persistence and completion that aim to maximize student learning and success. In particular, this course will address developmental education, high impact practices, and instructional practices in higher education. Emphasis is placed on best practices in a context serving diverse students. Four hours lecture 2 hours practicum. (CC/HE) (5 units)

EDUC 712: Qualitative Methods - Guided practice in designing and conduction qualitative research in education. Analyzes qualitative methods, data collection results. (4 units)

EDUC 714: Educational Institutions as Cultural and Social Systems – This course examines the context of schooling as a domain of socio-cultural interaction and interrogates the theoretical perspectives from which this domain can be understood. (4 units)

EDUC 702: Foundations in Education and Leadership - Examines links between educational theory, research, and practice in the larger context of ethical, philosophical, economic, political, while addressing diversity and equity in the US and worldwide. The course provides a context for understanding the current and emerging nature and role of education and educational leaders in a global society. (4 units)

EADM 738: Assessment and Evaluation - Assessment of student learning outcomes, tests and measurements, measurement theory and using data for improvement. Four hours lecture and two hours practicum. (PK-12) (5 units)


EDUC 766: Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education - This course establishes the understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes to promote continuous quality and the long-term health of higher education institutions ad programs. Emphasis will be placed on accreditation, accountability measures, and performance. Four hours lecture 2 hours practicum. (CC/HE) (5units)

EDUC 720: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods - Advanced designs and interpretation of data from designs using covariates (ANCOVA and hierarchical regression), mediation and moderation effects (in ANOVA and multiple regression), hierarchical linear modeling (nested data), factor analysis, structural equation modeling, utility analysis, and meta-analysis. Results writing and discussion sections based on selected data analyses. (4 units)

EDUC 722: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods - Provides students the opportunity to conduct a qualitative study in education on a topic of their choice and to better understand the assumptions of theory, method, and analysis guiding their research choices. Readings will focus on issues involved in the interconnected processes of framing a study, writing a proposal, considering ethical and political issues, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting data, and writing and presenting research for varied purposes. (4 units)

EDUC 709: Diversity and Equity in Education – This course prepares educational leaders to promote equity and diversity in PK-20. Students review theories, interpret policies, and develop inclusive practices, which foster various forms of diversity. (4 units)

EADM 730: Politics, Legislative Action and Educational Change - Processes governing educational policy, including significant laws, legal principles, recent litigation, teacher rights and duties, administrative behavior, board relationships and labor management relations. Focuses on connections between legislative and judicial action and the social, political and economic forces affecting education. Covers the interactions and relationships between public and charter schools. (PK12) (4 units)


EDUC 768: Higher Education Governance and Policy – This course examines higher education governance and policy at the institutional, state, and federal level. Students will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of various models of governance, policy development, interpretation, and implementation, and stakeholder collaboration. Four hours lecture 2 hours practicum. (CC/HE) (5units)

EADM 732: Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management - Methods of financing public education. Identifies budgeting and accounting techniques used by school districts in support of the instructional process and considers legal requirements and public reactions to the financing of education and resource allocation to achieve student outcomes. Explores facilities issues. Four hours lecture and two hours of practicum. (5 units)

EADM 734: Strategic Human Resource Management – This course examines issues surrounding human resources in PK-20 contexts, including: state and federal laws, union relations, employee hiring and evaluation, professional development, and capacity building. Four hours lecture 2 hours practicum. (5 units)

EDUC 726: Ethical Leadership and Decision Making in Education - Leadership ethics and the utilization of principles of personal balance in daily life and work. Covers decision making theories and how decisions are made at various levels in PreK-12 and community college to effectuate positive and sustaining change. (4 units)

EDUC 718: Strategic Planning, Accountability and Change - Principles of change, innovation, shared vision, mission and goals in accordance with the principles of strategic planning and accountability, to include the Educational and Facilities Master Plan. Four hours lecture and two hours practicum. (PK-12) (5 units)


EDUC 762: Higher Education Strategic Planning, Accountability, and Change – This course engages students in an in-depth exploration of strategic planning in higher education. Focuses on the transformational changes needed to position higher education institutions to address current and future challenges and emphasizes the relationships between PreK-12 and higher education. Four hours lecture 2 hours practicum. (CC/HE) (5 units)

EDUC 780: Special Topics – Special topics courses will be offered throughout the course sequence focusing on critical topics relevant to the mission, context and commitments of the Ed.D. Program. (4 units)

EDUC 790: Research Seminar - Mentors and guides students through the dissertation. Members meet and discuss their progress with the cohort and faculty. Faculty supervise dissertation planning, research and preparation. Must be repeated for a total of five units. (1 unit)

EDUC 799: Dissertation - Directed independent study. Students prepare their dissertations with faculty support. Must be repeated for a total of 16 units. (2-6 units).