UDC Sponsored Events

These events are sponsored or co-sponsored by the Diversity Committee that relate to the theme of "unity within a diverse community."

Upcoming Events 

"Confronting the Use of Native American Mascots in the 21st Century"

Misperceptions of Native Americans become barriers, hindering their success in college and other domains. In this talk, Teters will share her experience with stereotypes as a Native American student, and how that experience propelled her into the national spotlight. She will also discuss her work as an activist, artist and educator for change.

November 12, 2019

Noon to 1:30 p.m.

SMSU Event Center

Past Events

CSUSB University Diversity Committee and Westside Action Group present: Symposium on Race Relations and Social Justice: Dismantling systems of Racism and Exclusion for a Better I.E

April 13, 2019

9 AM

SMSU Events Center

A reading by Dr. Theodore C. Van Alst

March 14, 2019

6 PM

Pfau Library PL-5005 (Library Multimedia Center)

The Pfau Library and the University Diversity Committee Present: King in the Wilderness Film Screening and Discussion with Dr. Rafik Mohamed, Dean, CSBS

February 12, 2019

12 PM

Pfau Library 5005 (Library Multimedia Center)

Conversations on Diversity- Race, Protest and Democracy

February 7, 2019

12 PM

SMSU Events Center

Decolonizing the Syllabus

January 22, 2019

12:30PM - 2:00PM

Pfau Library 4005

Conversation on Diversity- Speaker Haider Newmani on Humanizing War: The Experiences of Soldiers and Civilians During Conflict

May 8, 2018

12 PM

SMSU Theater


Conversation on Diversity - Performance: Dialogues on Diversity, Topic: The Movement

February 20, 2018

12 PM

SMSU Events Center


Social Justice Summit

February 17, 2018

9 AM

SMSU Events Center