Purpose of Awarding Funds

The University Diversity Committee (UDC) supports issues of diversity that strengthen the campus's climate, including but not limited to, events that promote a variety of viewpoints of race/ethnicity, disability, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

UDC welcomes proposals from campus organizations and departments wishing to improve the campus diversity climate by offering lectures, open forums, town-hall meetings, etc., which facilitate discussion by the campus community, including student groups, faculty, staff and administrators.

These events should relate to the theme of "unity within a diverse community." Although all proposals for funding are accepted and considered, those that support this theme through activity, service and unity will be given greater priority by UDC.

We are aware that the priorities above do not address all important diversity issues or opportunities; therefore, we welcome proposals that address issues not mentioned in these guidelines, or that address more than one of our priorities simultaneously. We also encourage ideas that further the mission of UDC. In short, the aim of the funding priorities is to stimulate, rather than limit the thinking potential of applicants.