Event Funding

Funding Scope Statement

The University Diversity Committee receives a limited amount of resources that it uses to promote and support diversity-related programs and events on campus.  While all diversity issues nationally and abroad are of interest, the UDC voted to limit its scope for funding purposes to local, regional, and national diversity topics, programs, and events.  

Funding to Promote Diversity

Students, faculty, and staff may apply for up to $1,500 to support Diversity Events. UDC welcomes proposals to improve the campus climate by the creation of open forums or town meetings which facilitate discussion by community members, students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

These events should relate to the major theme of "unity within a diverse community." Although proposals for funding are accepted and considered, those which support this theme through activity, service, and unity, will be given greater priority by the Committee.

Event Funding

General Funding Information

  • Requests will be taken beginning October 1st until May 15th   each year.
  • Deadline is May 15 of each academic year. 
  • May submissions may not hear about the approval until the fall quarter begins.
  • Funding is available to support the invitation of guest speakers, presentations and campus events consistent with the mission of UDC and as stated in paragraph 1 under "Purpose of Awarding Funds."
  • Funding is limited to $1,500 maximum depending on the decision of UDC and subject to the availability of funds.
  • Proposals will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be evaluated based on feasibility, potential for campus-wide appeal and promotion of concerns for diversity on campus. Priority will be given to events that have highest direct impact on CSUSB students in the Inland Empire community.
  • Not every proposal will necessarily be funded; however, they may be partially funded depending on availability and circumstances agreed to by a majority vote of UDC. All student requests should come through an advisor.
Criteria Procedures/Requirements
Funding is open to CSUSB academic and administrative departments, student groups and officially recognized campus organizations. Proposals must be submitted at least 30 days before the event online.
Funded events must take place at CSUSB or Palm Desert Campus. If funded, the event must be advertised on the UDC web page by contacting Strategic Communications.
Funded events must be open to all members of the university community. Funding will be awarded as a single expense. Itemized, separate expenses are not allowed, e.g., lodging, travel, food.
If event has an admission cost, evidence must be provided that a percentage of free admission is available to students with a hardship situation. Funding may not be used to purchase gift items including clothing items (such as T-shirts), plaques, decorations or any other item restricted by CSUSB's state budget guidelines.
Requests that indicate matching funding has been sought from other entities will be given preference. Within 60 days following an event approved for funding, department/entity receiving award must submit the form, "" in order to transfer or allocate the funds. Submit to Rebecca Beltran, Pfau Library, PL 2006. Processing of your paper work via budget transfer or vendor payment will be handled by Ericka Saucedo, Failure to comply with this deadline may be subject to cancellation of award.
UDC must be acknowledged as a sponsor in all publicity materials. Events should be publicized via campus media as much as possible, e.g., campus listserv, fliers, Coyote Radio, etc. Failure to comply may result in denial of future funds. Deadline to submit requests is May 15 every academic year.