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CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service

CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service 

About the Program

The CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS) program at CSUSB started in 2009. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the SFS program provides students full tuition, books, and a monthly stipend. Upon graduation, these students must work in federal, state, or local government for two years (or equivalent to the length of the scholarship). Scholarships range from up to $50k for undergrads and up to $80k for graduates. Over 100 students have completed the CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service program at CSUSB.

The CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service application period will begin soon with information sessions starting in February 2022.

Eligibility Requirements

CSUSB selects the most qualified candidates to participate in the program. Before reviewing the application, you must determine whether or not you meet our eligibility requirements.

Students eligible for the CyberCorps®: SFS program must:

  • Be within the final two years of an eligible cybersecurity degree program at CSUSB by the time of acceptance
  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or a minimum graduate GPA of 3.2
  • Be completing a first undergraduate or graduate degree (i.e. students may not use the scholarship for a second master's degree)
  • Be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be eligible for federal employment
  • Be able to obtain a security clearance and background check

Scholarship Obligations

The CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS) program provides students a full-ride scholarship in exchange for federal, state, local, and tribal government service. Students that graduate from the SFS program at CSUSB must complete two years of federal government employment (or a period equivalent to the length of the scholarship). Students participating in the program must also agree to complete the program successfully, participate in a summer internship, and attend the annual CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service Job Fair in Washington, DC.

However, if a student fails to complete the program, the student is responsible for paying the entire amount equivalent to the length of the scholarship period. For example, if a student completes one semester in the program, that student will need to pay back tuition, books, the monthly stipend, and any other additional costs. If a student does not fulfill their two-year commitment to work in federal, state, local, or tribal government, that student must repay a prorated amount equivalent to the length of the scholarship period. For example, if a student receives funds for two years and serves one-and-a-half years, he/she must repay 25% of the funds received.

Application Procedure

  • Complete the Candidate Interest Form (Available Soon). All applicants must submit this form.
  • Attend the scholarship info session in February 2022.
  • Coordinate an appointment date through the Cybersecurity Center with Dr. Vincent Nestler. Follow-up appointment with Dr. Coulson must also be completed in this time period. Ensure you attend appointments for both meetings by March 15th.
  • Receive the scholarship application after the initial one-on-one interview.
  • Complete the application and contact Robin at the Cybersecurity Center for a follow-up appointment with the Cybersecurity Executive Director for affirmation.
  • During the final 2-weeks of March, final candidates will be invited back for a final (3rd) interview with their significant other(s).
  • Have all 3 appointments completed and submit the application to the Cybersecurity Center by April 1, 2022. Applications may not be received after this date.

Application Materials and Important Information                                 

CyberCorps® Frequently Asked Questions

OPM's SFS Student Handbook

CSUSB Student Admissions 

For more information about the program, please contact the Cybersecurity Center at or 909-537-7535.

Current SFS Scholars

The CSUSB SFS program website is now accessible to current SFS Scholars and alumni for calendars, Portfolium pathway/milestone information & Canvas resources, current events, FISMA syllabus/videos/resources, NICE Challenge & Portfolium workshop videos, Pertinent Contacts, and various training, internship, and employment resources. 

The CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS) Program at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB)  is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant award number 1565574.

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