Student Clubs

About Student Clubs at CSUSB

The Cybersecurity Center is proud to support two student clubs at CSUSB–the Cyber and Intelligence Security Organization (CISO) and the Women in Cybersecurity (WiCys) Chapter. These two student organizations provide students with experience in projects outside of the classroom. Along with student lead projects, these clubs also provide students with a number of opportunities, including community engagement opportunities, professional workshops, guest speakers from government and industry, and hands-on experience. There are also opportunities for the students in these clubs to receive funding to attend events like the WiCys Conference, Cal Poly's IT Competition, DEF CON, and more. The clubs also host numerous events each year, including visits to Loma Linda Hospital, Chamber of Commerce, middle schools, and student housing to promote cybersecurity awareness in the community. 

There is no greater teacher than experience. With this in mind, the Center encourages students to engage in a number of different research projects related to different aspects of cybersecurity.  Some of these projects include malware analysis, drone exploitation, social engineering, ethical hacking, emergency response, and computer forensics.  With more and more new projects being added to the list, all CSUSB students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of cybersecurity topics. In addition to participating in student-led projects, students also have the opportunity to lead his/her own research projects. These research projects not only have a wide reception among the community and employers, but also other students, as many of the projects are presented to students all over CSUSB.