We offer many different cybersecurity degrees here at CSUSB. For a brief description on these degrees please visit our Academic Programs tab and navigate to your degree level to find cybersecurity bachelors and masters programs.

Dr. Coulson is avaliable to speak with students during his office hours. His Spring Quarter office hours are Mondays 11AM - 2PM and Tuesdays 12PM - 1PM in room JB 282. Dr. Coulson will be out of the office during the week of 6/4 to 6/8.

Yes, you can still get a masters degree in cybersecurity even if your bachelors degree is not related.

No, the design of the certificate program is similar to a minor. An example of this would be majoring in Computer Science and getting a certificate in Cybersecurity.

Any questions relating to academic coursework are refered to the Department of Information Decision Sciences.

For pricing on degree programs please refer all questions to the Department of Information Decision Sciences.

The number of scholarship students accepted into the SFS program varies every year. We typically accept anywhere from 7 to 10 students. For the IASP program, we review the CSUSB student applications and send our top nominations to the Department of Defense for selection.

The Facebook Codepath course is offered every Spring and Fall quarter.

The Codepath course is open to all levels of cybersecurity students. It is an advanced level course and is listed under IST 590. This means that you do need the required prerequisite course to be enrolled into IST 590.

CSUSB offers no online cybersecurity degree programs.

CSUSB offers no PhD degree programs in cybersecurity.