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The Writing Lab

The Writing Lab helps all students who are completing writing projects in the social sciences, whether they are taking GE courses or majoring in one of our fields, such as anthropology, criminal justice, economics, history, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, or social work.

Writing Lab tutors can help with a full spectrum of writing issues:

  • Writing thesis statements and introductions
  • Fine-tuning drafts for minor errors
  • Revising drafts for major issues
  • Incorporating data and sources, especially in APA or Chicago style
  • Improving grammar through worksheets, handouts, and individualized tutoring for specific issues

The Writing Lab strives to help students improve their grammar, citation, and writing; by doing so, students will become strong writers who succeed in their upper division and graduate-level courses.

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The Student Statistics Tutoring

The mission of The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Student Statistics Tutoring and Support Center (SSTSC) is to provide students support and tutoring related to statistics and research related activities for class and class projects. The center offers tutoring on an individual basis for students who need help with statistics as they apply to social and behavioral sciences. Workshops and information sessions are also offered periodically for topics such as data management, data screening and cleaning, as well as sessions related to descriptive and inferential statistics related to social and behavioral sciences.

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