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Degrees & Programs

List of Majors

List of Majors
Program Name Special B.A. Master's
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) Program - Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)    
Anthropology   B.A. in Anthropology  
Anthropology   B.A. in Anthropology  
Applied Archaeology     M.A. in Applied Archaeology
Archaeology Certificate - Archaeology   M.A. in Archaeology
Biopsychology (Neuroscience)   B.A. in Biopsychology (Neuroscience)  
Child Development Certificate

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M.A. in Child Development
Clinical/Counseling Psychology     M.S. Clinical/Counseling Program
Criminal Justice   B.A. in Criminal Justice M.A. in Criminal Justice
Economics   B.A. in Economics  
Environmental Studies   B.A. in Environmental Studies  
Ethnic Studies Program - Ethnic Studies    
Geographic Information Systems Certificate - Geographic Information Systems    
General Experimental Psychology (Psychological Science)     M.A. General/Experimental Program
Geography   B.A. in Geography  
Gerontology Certificate - Gerontology    
Global Studies   B.A. in Global Studies  
History   B.A. in History  
Industrial/Organizational Psychology   M.S. Industrial/Organizational Program M.S. Industrial/Organizational Program
International Relations Certificate - International Relations    
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Program - Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies & Certificate - Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies    
Military Science (Army ROTC) Program - Military Science (Army ROTC)    
Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program - Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)    
Model United Nations and Model Arab League Program - Model United Nations and Model Arab League    
Museum Studies Certificate - Museum Studies    
National Cyber Security Studies     M.S. in National Cyber Security Studies
National Security Studies     M.A. in National Security Studies
Pathway Distance Education Program - Pathway Distance Education    
Political Economy   B.A. in Political Science  
Political Science   B.A. in Political Science  
Psychology   B.A. in Psychology M.S. in Psychology
Social Sciences   B.A. in Social Sciences M.A. in Social Sciences
Social Services   B.A. in Social Services  
Social Work   B.A. in Social Work M.A. in Social Work
Sociology   B.A. in Sociology