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Employer Forms

Internship Forms for Employers
Form Description  Submit Timeline
CSUSB Learning Site Agreement  CSU required form to establish internship at employer site    Request document and submit to Deirdre Thomas at Must be in place prior to hosting an intern; once signed, the agreement remains valid for 5 years
Learning Site Risk Assessment CSU required form ; establishes safety requirements for the intern at the site location Submit form to Deirdre Thomas via email at Must be submitted prior to hosting an intern
Employer Intern Request Form Establishes intern position information for posting on CSBS Internships webpage Submit form via email to Deirdre Thomas at Submit with CSUSB Learning Site Agreement and Learning Site Risk Assessment; once approved the position with be posted on CSBS Internships webpage and will be circulated to students to review and apply.
Intern Timesheet Tracks intern hours that were completed.  Student submits to instructor via Blackboard Submitted by student intern and signed by the host supervisor upon completion of the internship
Internship Evaluation Form  Provides feedback from the employer on specific intern Submit form via email to Deirdre Thomas at  Submitted b the employer upon completion of the internship