L.I.N.K. Leaders

Our Team


Andres, L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BA in Psychology 

Career Goal: I would like to pursue a career in counseling with an emphasis in education or career. I am very passionate about helping students with their search and achieving their goals.

Fun Fact: I love movies and soccer. I love movies so much that I plan on filming short films for hobbies. I also am a huge Marvel Geek.

Emmanuel, Peer Mentor

Emmanuel, L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: Business International Marketing

Career Goal: My career goal would be to have my own or even share a company with my brothers growing and exporting avocados since my dad is a rancher by heart. I would love to keep the family tradition going.

Fun Fact: I have a dog named Leo that has a white and black fur coat so I call him Leo the Cow.

Evan, Peer Mentor

Evan, Graduate Student

Major: MA in Higher Education: Student Affairs, University of Redlands

Career Goal: My goal after graduation is to work in higher education. I would like to work in academic advising, but I am always willing to work in different departments to expand my knowledge and develop new skills.

Fun Fact: I have an obsession with stickers! I have a board filled with stickers. I have graphic stickers, car decals, advertisements, logos, cartoon crossovers, tons and tons of stickers. 

Jorge, Peer Mentor

Jorge, L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BS in Information Systems and Technology, Cyber Security

Career Goal: Become a Cyber Security Analyst. 

Fun Fact: I love to travel. I have been to  Mexico, England, France, Spain and Switzerland as of now.

Maryann, Peer Mentor

Maryann, L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BA in Biology

Career Goal: I want to work with youth in the medical field or support youth in STEM fields as a counselor.

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is the squirrel.

Stephanie L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BS Biochemistry

Career Goal: 

Fun Fact: 

ShaiAnn, Peer Mentor

ShaiAnne, L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BA in Liberal Studies 

Career Goal: I would love to pursue a career in journalism or work in the film industry.

Fun Fact: I review movies for fun and I am currently working on my own movie/television script.

Valerie L.I.N.K. Leader

Major: BA in Music

Career Goal: I want to become an elementary school music teacher or a high school choir teacher.

Fun Fact: I hate chocolate.