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Graduate and Practicum Students

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Ariana, Graduate Student

Program: MA in School Counseling, University of Redlands.

Career Goal: 

Fun Fact: 


Elizabeth, Practicum Student

Major: BA in Communication Studies,  Concentration in Human and Organization

Career Goal: School Psychologist/Communication Studies Professor

Fun Fact: I work extremely well under pressure. I love connecting and forming relationships with others. I am a great listener and very curious. I also like to a lot (it’s a gift and a curse). I am an easy person to get along with. 


Evan, Graduate Student

Program: MA in Higher Education: Student Affairs, University of Redlands

Career Goal: My goal after graduation is to work in higher education. I would like to work in academic advising, but I am always willing to work in different departments to expand my knowledge and develop new skills.  

Fun Fact: I have an obsession with stickers! I have a board filled with stickers. I have graphic stickers, car decals, advertisements, logos, cartoon crossovers, tons and tons of stickers.

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Graduate Student


Career Goal: 

Fun Fact: