The mission of the L.I.N.K. (Lead, Innovate, Network, and Know) program is for L.I.N.K. leaders to encourage academic excellence, career enhancement, and campus sense of belonging for participating transfer and continuing students at CSUSB. L.I.N.K. members will  build connections and community, while exploring their academic and career goals.




Academic Excellence

1.1 Students will utilize campus resources to enhance academic journey, guide their academics and network with staff and faculty.


1.2 Students will navigate successfully throughout their CSUSB journey to graduation. 

Networking and Career Enhancement

2.1 Students will attend at least one career center workshop.

  • Discover work environments that match strengths and preferences for ideal  career paths.

  • Gain experiential education in identified areas.

Identify next steps for post-graduate career planning.


2.2 Students will develop a career plan and E-portfolio.

  • Engage with potential employers within their field. 

Sense of Belonging

3.1 L.I.N.K. leaders will provide an immersive experience for students to engage in campus activities to foster a sense of belonging, personal development, and leadership skills.


3.2 Students will demonstrate personal agency and confidence to reach their goals.