Jeffery Ly

Jeffery Ly was an Account Exec at Coyote Advertising pitching to potential clients for advertising and marketing services. As an undergraduate in 2013, he worked diligently with Jacob Poore as an intern learning everything there is to know about marketing and using social media strategically. During his internship with Coyote Advertising, he aimed to build infrastructure for the next interns and account execs to come. Ly developed sales scripts to make business pitches more effective and also created a directory of companies to advertise with. He’s produced and scripted advertisements for Coyote Radio and Coyote Advertising that reach up to one million listeners on the radio and online; you’ve most likely heard Ly’s commercials aired on our world famous Coyote Radio. In an interview, Ly shared helpful hints for students who were gaining internship experience and looking to be successful professionals. For students specializing in social media, Ly advises to use social media tools “proactively” and strategically to deliver clear messages to your target market. He also said it’s important to be aware of your attitude and work ethic. Students aiming to be successful in the marketing and sales industry should develop the necessary skills and character to stay focused on project goals and needs of the client. Ly worked as the Communications Coordinator at Ultra Marine West. He is also the owner and Marketing Media Producer for Digital Discovered, his own entrepreneurial business venture. Preparing for the future, Ly is now a Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams Pacific Estates Cerritos and plans to invest in multiple business ventures so that he can devote time to working a fulfilling job without worrying about if it pays well enough. “I want to make the world a better place and I don’t care how much it pays,” Ly says.