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Who needs to be tested?

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated or have not submit their self-certification in myCoyote will be subject to periodic COVID testing.

Testing will begin the week of August 2nd for staff who are reporting to campus and who are not yet fully vaccinated and will begin the week of August 16th for faculty and students who are reporting to campus and who are not fully vaccinated.

Those who suspect that they may have been exposed, or anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will need to be tested.  Free testing will be conducted on the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses. 

Will there be on campus testing if I am notified that I have been exposed to COVID-19?


How can I get a COVID-19 test?

CSUSB will offer FREE confidential testing to all employees by appointment at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses. To schedule a testing appointment, please contact Risk Management.

Information on County testing resources is available at:

If we are vaccinated, can we opt in to be periodically tested?

Yes, those vaccinated members of the campus community that would like to receive a COVID test can do so on a walk-in basis at the San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses.  Contact Risk Management for more information on testing clinic days and times.

Can you explain how and when the weekly testing will work?

Weekly testing will be conducted by a third-party provider on the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses during normal business hours. The testing will be conducted in the Yasuda Center at the San Bernardino campus and in the Student Health Center at the Palm Desert campus.  Unvaccinated campus community members will receive more information via email regarding when and how to make an appointment.

Is it painful or uncomfortable to get a COVID-19 test?

Testing involves a swab of the lower nasal wall.  It is not invasive or painful.  The best way to reduce or avoid the need for COVID-19 testing is to become fully vaccinated.

Will we get the results of our weekly testing?

Yes, we will be utilizing rapid testing methods.  Community members being tested will be asked to wait 15 minutes following testing and will receive results at that time.

How are supervisors aware as to whether their unvaccinated/exempted employees are complying with testing?

CSUSB has established a contract relationship with a third-party testing provider.  While the testing is managed by the third-party provider, employees are provided with documentation containing the date/time they were tested.  Supervisors may request to review this documentation if they have reason to believe the employee is out of compliance. Employees are granted paid time to be tested.