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Summer/Fall 2022

What are the COVID-19 requirements for those coming to campus?

Students, Faculty and Staff are subject to the Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.  There are currently no additional COVID-19 protocols in place to access campus facilities.  Those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should not report to campus and should follow normal absence reporting procedures.  COVID protocols are subject to change depending on appropriate guidance from the California Department of Public Health, local County public health departments, or COVID prevalence in the region.

Are face-coverings required to be worn on campus?

Wearing of face coverings when indoors or outdoors on campus is optional regardless of your vaccination status.  However, campus community members who have a direct exposure to COVID-19 will be required to wear a face covering per CDPH Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines.

Where can I obtain a face covering on campus?

N-95 Face coverings are available free of charge on the San Bernardino campus at the Parking Information booths, Library information desk, Student Union Information desk, University Police Station and at the Student Health Center. At the Palm Desert Campus N-95 face coverings can be obtained from the Information desk at the Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway building and in the Student Health Center.

Employees wishing to request an N-95 face covering can submit a request through Environmental Health and Safety using the Employee N-95 request form.

Will students continue to have the option to attend virtual or hybrid courses?

The 2022 Summer Session and Fall course schedules offer a number of online and hybrid courses. Students who prefer online instruction should review the course schedule for openings in sections listed as an online modality.  Students needing assistance should contact their academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

Where can I go to participate in an online course while I am on campus?

The following locations will remain open to the public and are wifi enabled for participation in online courses: 

  • Pfau Library including the “Cave” 24/7 study space in the wedge 
  • Santos Manuel Student Union Lobby and Plaza 
  • Center for Global Innovation Lobby and Patio 
  • Various Outdoor locations throughout campus 
Where can I get technology support or equipment so that I can participate in virtual instruction?

Our campus community has the following resources available to support you.

  • Laptop Lending Program: The John M. Pfau Library Laptop Lending Program is distributing laptops to students who need them. Students need to fill out a reservation form. Palm Desert Campus students are able to pick up a laptop at the PDC.
  • Internet Access: We have pulled together a curated list of internet access resources. This includes parking and outdoor areas on campus that have Wi-Fi coverage, as well as a list of Internet Service Providers and cellular carriers that participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you would like to request a hotspot for Internet access at home, please fill out the mobile hotspot request form. Please note that there is a limited supply of mobile hotspots for students who need them. Palm Desert Campus students will be able to pick up the hotspot at the PDC. 
  • Technology Support: The Technology Support Center is available 24/7 at (909) 537-7677, and on the web at the TSC website. Follow them on Twitter @CSUSBSupport, Instagram @csusbitssupport & Facebook @CSUSBSupport
Where can I get information on planning an event on campus?

If you are planning an in-person event, make sure to review the CSUSB Event Guidelines.  Events must be reserved through the Event Management System and information may be provided regarding additional COVID protocols depending on the event.