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Will I be able to tour CSUSB before I start in person classes this fall?

CSUSB is planning to offer tours to new students and returning students who have not yet been on campus during the week of August 16. An invitation to register for the tours will be sent to your Coyote email in the coming weeks.

When will I be able to get in person support from an office at CSUSB (i.e. advising, financial aid, registrar)?

CSUSB will be open for in person support beginning August 2. Many offices at CSUSB will be offering a way to get in line for walk-in help virtually. Please check the office’s website for the link to the QLess line registration system.

Can I bring a family member or friend with me to events happening on campus during the start of the year?

In an effort to protect the campus community, we are asking that campus guests be limited to those who have specific business reasons for coming to campus.

Will I still be able to obtain virtual services after in person support begins on August 2nd?

To best meet the needs of our students, offices will work to provide both in person and virtual services wherever possible this fall.