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Am I permitted to have an in-person meeting/event?

Yes, events are permitted on campus as long as they follow the requirements detailed in the CSUSB Event Guidelines.

Are face coverings required at outdoor events?

Yes, face coverings are required at campus events regardless of vaccination status. Exceptions are permitted while eating or drinking.

Are off-campus guests required to complete the daily health screening?

Yes, all students, faculty, staff and off-campus guests are required to complete the daily health screening every time they come to campus.  Access to the Daily Health Screen is available on the Return of the Pack website.

Is social distancing required for indoor meetings/events?

No, Physical distancing or barrier requirements, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer mandated except for in very limited circumstances, such as during an outbreak.

Are Event planners and coordinators required to collection registration information from meeting/event attendees?

Yes, contact information should be collected and include name, personal phone number and email address.  Following the event this information is to be submitted to Special Events and Guests Services in case there is a need to follow-up with attendees regarding a possible exposure.

What systems can I use to collect registrations for an event I am planning?

Coyote Connect or Qualtrics are available at no charge to the campus community.

How can I reserve a space for a meeting/event?

Request space for events with the Event Management System (EMS) via MyCoyote.  If training is needed please email Special Events and Guest Services:

Can I serve food at my meeting/event?

Yes, food should be catered through Yotie Eats and be contactless (packaged/wrapped items/no open buffets). Outdoor eating and drinking is preferred.

I attended an event and have since tested positive for COVID-19, who/where do I report it?

Report your positive test result using the CSUSB COVID-19 Reporting Form. The Office of Risk Management and Student Health Center reviews and verifies COVID-19 confirmed cases, provides return to campus status, and responds to concerns from the campus community on COVID-19.

Am I required to ask my attendees for proof of vaccination or negative COVID test?

If you are hosting an indoor event that has more than 1,000 people vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours must be shown at the event.